What material is suitable for laboratories and medical environments?

We offer furniture composed of water-resistant materials known for their hygienic benefits and durability. Both our Sealwise and Trespa ranges can safely withstand water exposure without deterioration. Featuring anti-bacterial protection, the use of these products can help ensure cleanliness, prevent mould growth and maintain sanitary conditions. This makes them well-suited for hygienic environments such as laboratories and medical facilities.


Hygiene: Our laboratory furniture offers a smooth, non-porous surface that is resistant to bacteria.

Durability: Long-lasting materials that can withstand frequent cleaning and exposure to moisture so that you can maintain a hygienic environment.

Ease of Cleaning: Surfaces can be easily wiped down as part of a regular clean down process to maintain strict hygiene standards and comply with health regulations.

Chemical Resistance: Resistant to many chemicals and cleaning agents used in sanitisation processes.

Anti-bacterial Protection: They help maintain a sterile environment with protection from deadly bacteria such as e-Coli, MRSA and Listeria.

Laboratory furniture ranges:

We offer two ranges of anti-bacterial furniture: Sealwise and Trespa. While both are high-quality construction materials designed for environments where hygiene, durability, and water resistance are critical, they consist of different materials and have slightly different properties.

Trespa is a high-pressure compact panel laminate (HPL) based on thermosetting resins and is homogeneously reinforced with wood-based fibres whereas Sealwise is manufactured from solid polymer board with a core consisting of recycled UPVC and a smooth top layer of virgin PVC. In addition to this, the Trespa® TopLab Plus® features a hard, fire-retardant surface based on melamine resins.


Our Sealwise range is ideal for laboratory environments thanks to its lifetime anti-bacterial protection. This is due to the Sealwise Protect (Silver Ion) coating used on each sheet of Waterproof Construction Board (WCB) and provides built-in protection from deadly bacteria including e-Coli, MRSA, Listeria and Salmonella.

It is designed to be 100% waterproof, ensuring no damage is made during the cleaning process with no expansion of the material. By making it waterproof rather than water resistant, Sealwise have ensured that no damage can be made from water ingress, spilages, mould or bacteria.

Sealwise uses a patented W14 joining system to chemically weld its WCB boards together for a long lasting and sturdy seal. This ensures that there are no hidden dirt traps for a product that is easy to clean, minimising the duration of the clean down process.

Putting a focus on sustainability, they use 100% recycled materials to create the core but opt for a non-porous, 100% virgin material on the outer surface so that the product not only uses recycled materials but is also recyclable itself.


Using a water-resistant, high-pressure laminate, Trespa offers a durable range of hygienic furniture that is also suitable for heavy-duty applications with high resistance to impact, scratches and wear.

The smooth panel surface features a closed structure to ensure that dirt cannot cling making the cleaning process quicker and more effective. In particular, the Trespa TopLab Plus range has antistatic properties and anti-microbial protection with proven reduction of 99.99% of bacteria after 24 hours. It also has high chemical resistance to withstand corrosive substances and aggressive disinfectants as part of the clean down process without its appearance or properties being diminished.

This durable material can also withstand temperatures of up to 180°C thanks to its fire-retardant nature. Proven to retain its stability when exposed to high temperatures, it does not melt or drip. The panels themselves resist ignition and contribute minimally to fire spread while producing less smoke for reduced inhalation risk and increased visibility .

Why are they used in laboratories?

These hygienic furniture ranges offer significant advantages for laboratories, including superior hygiene and durability alongside enhanced water and chemical resistance. These features make them the perfect hygienic solution for laboratories, changing rooms and anywhere where there is a significant need for a maintained, sterile environment with seating benches and lockers also available.

By integrating Sealwise or Trespa into these areas, facilities can heighten their levels of efficiency and ensure compliance with current hygiene regulations. By using hygienic furniture, companies can ensure that they are keeping the highest standards of cleanliness and safety.

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