Aco® gully kit vinyl edge

This versatile, easy-to-assemble gully kits are perfect where one point of drainage is required in a food production, high care or a pharmaceutical cleanroom environment. They are available in either vertical or horizontal orientation with a 157mm and 218mm body diameter.

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The Aco® range is engineered with the highest standard of cleanliness as its primary focus. Constructed from 304L-grade stainless steel, it meets rigorous hygiene standards. This proactive approach aims to limit the possibility of harmful bacterial and pathogen contamination in food, in compliance with BS EN 1672, BS EN ISO 14159, and EHEDG Document 8,13, & 44 for gully design. It serves as the preferred choice for environments such as food production facilities, high-care areas, or pharmaceutical cleanrooms.

This versatile gully with vinyl edge is perfect where one point of drainage is required on vinyl covered floors . It comes in a variety of sizes to cater to your specific requirements. 

The gully is designed with an upper surface edge in-fill that helps to reduce movement in relation to the surrounding floor, thereby lowering the chances of floor cracks that could potentially house microorganisms. This design ensures a high level of hygiene and safety in your environment.

The gully design prioritizes hygiene, with all internal radii being equal to or larger than 3mm, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of cleaning. The hygienic joints, formed by a deep-drawn body, ensure smooth contours, eliminating any crevices that could potentially house harmful bacteria. The entire unit undergoes a thorough pickle passivation process, ensuring joints are free from corrosion, reducing crevices and potential bacteria traps.

Its design for easy inspection and maintenance includes a fully removable and easily cleaned stainless steel foul air trap, which mitigates the risk of food particle accumulation and rodent entry and the ladder grating which is fully welded with rounded corners, is designed to handle a load class of M125. (for areas with vehicular traffic) The gully includes a Telescopic friction ring and a location flange or integrated membrane flange for either adhesive bonding or mechanical clamp.

The gully has complete drainability ensured by the dry sump design. This eliminates the presence of stagnant water, odours, microbial growth, and potential chemical hazards. The dry sump design guarantees that there is no standing wastewater in the base of the gully.

This easy to assemble kit includes the height fixed gully, ladder grating, foul air trap and silt basket. We offer these with a choice of top size, body diameter and vertical or horizontal outlet to cater to your specific requirements.

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1 x Telescopic gully and body diameter: 157mm or 218mm

  • Body diameter: 157mm
    • Gully top:
      • Diameter: 289mm
      • Height: 106mm
      • Frame height: 30mm 
    • Vertical: 182mm flange diameter x 170mm (+99) depth
      • Silt basket: Dia: 159mm Depth: 50mm - 0.6 litres
      • Gully flow rate: 3.9-4.4 litres per second
    • Horizontal: 182mm flange diameter x 147mm depth
      • Silt basket: Dia: 159mm Depth: 26mm - 0.3 litres
      • Gully flow rate: 2.8-4.4 litres per second

Ladder grating: 170mm diameter

  • Body diameter: 218mm
    • Gully top:
      • Diameter: 300mm
      • Height: 107mm
      • Frame height: 30mm 
    • Vertical: 240mm flange Diameter x 170mm (+99) depth
      • Silt basket: Dia: 222mm Depth: 50mm – 1.4 litres
      • Gully flow rate: 5.0 – 6.2 litres per second
    • Horizontal: 182mm flange diameter x 147mm depth
      • Silt basket: Dia: 222mm Depth: 26mm - 0.7 litres
      • Gully flow rate: 2.8-4.4 litres per second

Ladder grating: 222mm diameter

Spigot diameter: 110mm


  • 304L-grade stainless steel 1.5mm thick.
  • Load class capacity M125.
  • Fully removeable and easy to clean stainless steel foul air tray.
  • Fully pickled and passivated.
  • Fully inspectable and cleanable.
  • Adjustable easy fix levelling feet.
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