Food safety culture
BRCGS audits can be viewed as a major hurdle for food manufacturing businesses – but they should also be viewed as an opportunity. While simply meeting compliance requirements is essential, true success lies in fostering a positive food safety culture. This goes beyond ticking boxes; it's about embedding food safety into the very fabric of your organisation.
And believe it or not, this cultural shift not only ensures BRCGS audit-readiness, but also unlocks a wealth of benefits for your business.

Why culture matters 

Think of your food safety system as a house. Policies and procedures are the bricks and mortar, while culture is the foundation. A strong foundation makes the house resilient, able to withstand audits and unforeseen challenges. Conversely, a weak foundation, even with strong walls, can crumble under pressure.
Developing a positive food safety culture means:
  • Employees at all levels understand and actively participate in food safety measures

Women wearing gloves

  • Open communication is encouraged, allowing issues to be identified and addressed
  • A proactive approach to food safety becomes the norm, rather than a reactive one.

Benefits beyond BRCGS 

While BRCGS compliance is certainly important, the true rewards of a strong food safety culture extend far beyond audit season:
  • Reduced foodborne illness risks: Fewer incidents mean lower costs associated with recalls, fines, and brand damage
  • Enhanced customer trust and reputation: Consumers increasingly seek brands with robust food safety practices
  • Improved operational efficiency: Proactive risk management translates to fewer disruptions and smoother production 
  • Increased employee engagement and morale: Feeling empowered to contribute to food safety fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility.  

Building your food safety culture 

  • Leadership commitment: Set the tone from the top by demonstrating unwavering commitment to food safety

  • Invest in training and awareness: Ensure all employees understand their roles and responsibilities
  • Open communication: Encourage feedback and create channels for reporting concerns without fear of retribution
  • Recognition and rewards: Celebrate successes and acknowledge individuals who go the extra mile
  • Continuous improvement: Regularly review and update your food safety systems and culture.

Core principals, wider applications

The principles of a positive food safety culture transcend the food manufacturing environment, holding immense value for industries where safety and hygiene are paramount.

Pharmaceuticals, healthcare and other hygienic manufacturing industries such as automotive, aerospace and medical equipment, to name but a few.

Just like contaminated food can have severe consequences, so too can compromised products or procedures in these sectors.

Tailoring the approach 

While the core principles remain constant, their application needs to be tailored to the specific context of each industry. Here are some sector-specific considerations:

  • Pharma: Focus on stringent quality control procedures, documentation and risk management  
  • Healthcare: Prioritise patient safety, infection control and open communication with patients and families
  • Laboratories, automotive and aerospace: Emphasise product efficacy, testing protocols and clear instructions for safe use.


While BRCGS compliance is necessary, it's not enough. By investing in a positive food safety culture, you not only ensure audit-readiness but also unlock a path to sustainable success. It's an investment in your brand, your customers and your employees – a win-win for everyone involved. 

It needn’t just be a food-centric practice either. The benefits of an overall hygienic safety culture in any hygiene-conscious industry can make the difference between prosperity and damaged reputations. So, take the first step today and contact Teknomek to see about how we can help you build a robust, and audit-ready every day, food safety culture.

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