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Changing room benches: adapting to your needs

We offer various changing room benches catering to the dynamic nature of cleanrooms. Whether it's for a quick change or a thorough decontamination process, our benches provide comfort and support while maintaining hygienic standards.

Seating solutions for cleanroom environments

Understanding the need for comfort in cleanrooms, our range includes ergonomically designed seating solutions. These products are crafted to provide maximum comfort during changeover periods, ensuring that personnel remain focused and efficient.

Understanding bespoke and customised changing room furniture

'Bespoke' refers to creating entirely new designs from scratch tailored to your specific hygienic changing room needs.

'Customised' means adapting our existing changing room products, such as adding features to a stainless steel seating bench or altering the dimensions of our stainless steel lockers to suit your requirements better.

Customised - for when you just need an additional few shelves on a seating bench, or additional prongs on a boot rack. We will make the adjustments and send you a customised quotation.

Bespoke - for those times when minor customisation just won’t do. We can create entirely bespoke designs to directly match your needs and based on your exact specifications.

To get a quote for a customised or bespoke product call our Teknomexperts on 01603 788833 or visit the customised and bespoke page.

A detailed drawing is crucial for visualising your bespoke or customised stainless steel changing room equipment before production.

This ensures the final product precisely meets your hygienic changing room needs.

The fee covers the design process, guaranteeing you receive a product that perfectly fits your environment, whether it's a seating bench, locker, boot rack or any other changing room product.

Have a unique requirement? Call our Teknomexperts today on 01603 788833 or email us on Alternatively complete our enquiry form.

Standard products. Our standard products are normally delivered within industry beating lead times of 5-10 days. Need it faster? Call our Teknomexperts on 01603 788833 to check if an item can be fast-tracked for next day delivery on orders place before 3pm.

Customised products. Our customised stainless steel storage products, including specialised shelving and cabinets, are delivered within 12-20 working days after drawing approval.

Bespoke products. For bespoke hygienic storage solutions, the delivery timeframe is typically 15-30 days post-approval, ensuring quality and precision in every custom-made item.

We specialise in both 304L- and 316L-grade stainless steel for our bespoke changing room solutions, which are ideal for demanding cleanroom, pharmaceutical or food storage and distribution settings.

If non-standard castors or feet are required, then a range of stainless steel 304 or 316 castors or feet are available on request.

Why choose Teknomek's bespoke products for your changing room?

Teknomek's changing room products stand out for their features designed for cleanliness and space efficiency. From shoe racks to garment storage, stainless steel mirrors to changing room benches, each has been carefully designed. Discover the unique attributes that make our products ideal for cleanrooms and changing areas.

This changing room product comes with plastic-free prongs, significantly reducing the surface area where dirt can accumulate.

The design of our furniture, including boot racks, allows for quick and thorough cleaning. This ensures that footwear can be efficiently washed down while on the rack, aligning with the strict hygiene protocols of cleanrooms.

The rounded corners on our benches are specifically crafted to prevent the accumulation of dirt. This design minimises dirt traps.

With a focus on maximising space, our products are designed to enhance functionality while conserving room.

Each piece, often featuring added hooks, is crafted with a reduced footprint. This thoughtful design minimises trip hazards and contributes to a lighter weight.

Need a quote today?

If you would like a quote or have an enquiry regarding our changing room equipment fill in our form. This will be picked up by one of our Teknomexperts who will get in touch with you.