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Stainless steel tables and lecterns

Our stainless steel tables are crafted from 304L grade stainless steel. The 304L construction minimises pores or cracks that could harbour bacteria making them ideal for environments demanding strict hygiene, such as cleanrooms, food production and medical labs. These tables are durable and offer versatility for bespoke designs, be it a minor adaptation or an entirely new concept.

Durable and hygienic table design

Recognised for their longevity, our tables and lecterns are designed for easy cleaning and durability, ensuring excellent value. For environments requiring rigorous cleaning or specific conditions, 316L-grade steel is available upon request.

When it comes to Teknomek’s stainless steel furniture, bespoke refers to a new one-off designs. Customised refers to more minor modifications of a standard product from our range, such as perforated steel, different dimensions, additional holes added for bolt, upstand etc.

Without a drawing, we cannot show you the product before it is manufactured, therefore it could result in a product not being exactly as you would like. It is for clarification that you are receiving the correct design. We pass on the cost of making the drawings.

Choosing between 304L and 316L-grade stainless steel depends on your specific needs. For general use, 304L grade is highly durable and hygienic, ideal for most settings. For environments with higher exposure to chemicals or particle resistance requirements, like some labs and cleanrooms, 316L offers enhanced corrosion resistance. Refer to our Stainless steel grades guide.

Our stainless steel tables are designed with the unique needs of vet practices in mind. They offer a hygienic surface resistant to animal stains and odours, easy to clean and durable enough to withstand the demands of daily veterinary use.

Customised orders are delivered between 12-20 working days after approval of the drawing, while bespoke orders are delivered between 15-30 days after approval.

Our standard 304-grade stainless steel or 316 on request. Any products with castors or feet will use our standard range unless requested otherwise.

Why choose a Teknomek product for your cleanroom?

Teknomek's tables and lecterns stand out for their quality, versatility and adaptability to various professional environments.
Our stainless steel tables and lecterns are designed for swift, thorough cleaning. With minimal crevices and traps for dirt, they maintain hygiene effortlessly
Constructed from 1.5mm thick 304L grade stainless steel, our tables and lecterns are built to endure daily wear and tear. This makes them ideal for high-traffic areas like laboratories, veterinary clinics and medical facilities.
Offering a wide array of choices in size, shelving options, mobility features and upstands, our range can be further customised with 316L-grade steel on request. We ensure prompt delivery to meet your specific needs.
Four adjustable stainless steel feet, providing stability and perfect balance, adaptable to various floor surfaces and usage requirements in different professional environments.