Make hygienic and clean room design easy with Teknomek.

Take the easy route to building hygiene-critical areas and enquire about our comprehensive design service. We will work with you to design bespoke room designs and help integrate Teknomek’s high-quality furniture and equipment into your projects.

How it works

Four easy steps to letting our design service help your project.

Step one: Contact us

At any stage of your hygienic construction project, contact our Teknomexperts on +44 (0)1603 788 833 to discuss how we can integrate Teknomek's high quality stainless steel furniture and equipment.

Our experienced customer service team will talk you through your project requirements and discuss audit-ready hygienic options for your build.

Step two: Book a site visit

If you would like us to talk to a Teknomexpert in person, why not book a free site visit? One of our knowledgeable team will visit your site to understand your requirements better, take measurements and discuss further details and come up with an outline on how we can help your project.

Alternatively, our customer service team will talk you through options on the phone or email, take details of plans and requirements for our engineers to work up a design.

Step three: Designing your layouts

Our expert design team will take your plans and layouts, plus our recommendations, to create 3D layout options for your project.

Once agreed, the layouts will be turned into a quotation, detailing all the furniture and equipment required and sent over to you.

Step four: Manufacturing & delivery

Once the quotation is accepted, our experienced production team will begin the manufacturing of your new hygienic furniture and equipment from our custom-built facility in Norwich.

With industry-beating lead times and onsite delivery, your order will be with you before you know it - ready to be integrated into the second fix of your build project.

Contact us to discuss your build project

Use the form below to find out more about our design service, ask about hygienic furniture options or to book a site visit for your project.