Based in Waterlooville, Hampshire, BioPure manufactures single-use components that have become the official standard in biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing. Part of Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG), BioPure’s rigorous adherence to ISO Class 7 standards for its cleanrooms showcases its capabilities to buyers and regulators alike.

Due to the critical cleanroom standards its customers operate in, BioPure’s reputation relies on exceptional hygiene from the moment staff arrive at work. Rapid turnaround times are also required to provide customers with the necessary equipment they need to develop essential life-changing medicines. As such, BioPure needed to optimise its workplace and operational processes whilst minimising any risk of contamination.

Collaboration to reduce contamination

Teknomek worked in collaboration with BioPure, taking account of employee welfare and cleanroom risk management, to create the ideal specification to support operational process and minimise risk. As is the standard for cleanrooms, a hygienic design was critical, including minimising the risk of trap points, using only mobile furniture to support robust cleaning and using clean ventilation products for airflow.

Teknomek supplied furniture throughout BioPure’s site, including changing room, cleanroom production, development and quality assurance spaces. The range included step over benches, wash troughs, dispensers, lockers, production workbenches, storage, racking, and waste bag holders.

Teknomek’s clear compliance with key cleanroom requirements supported the ease of selection form Teknomek’s wide range.

High-quality, reliable equipment

Steve Stubbs, Technical Operations Project Manager at BioPure, recognised the importance of high-quality products that would last a long time and deliver optimum workplace efficiency. Reevaluating the space was vital to support BioPure’s fast turnaround times and to continue providing essential equipment to its customers. Steve commented, “Since our first order from Teknomek in 2012, we have been consistently impressed by the hygienic product design and their understanding of the importance of reducing risk. Their reliable service means I can place orders and forget as they arrive on time every time. I always feel our business is in safe hands.”

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