Intelligent, hygienic design

All our products are long lasting and easy to clean through their intelligent design,
with minimal dirt traps and manufactured to exacting standards.

Helping You Pass Audits

You talk and we listen. Our continuous product development means we’re always developing our products to make them even more efficient to stay hygienic, based on your feedback. We understand that continuously maintaining top hygiene standards can be very time consuming. Which is why our products are designed to be easy clean, with dirt traps designed out from the start, to enable fast, time efficient cleaning.

We also remove products from your risk register where possible so you don’t have to worry (as much!). For example, with our glove dispensers, we removed the plastic catch so they are 100% 304 stainless steel. And we didn’t stop there, we increased the internal size to accommodate a wider range of box sixes and created an even easier to clean design. Read more about it here.

Site Visits

If you’re planning a new line, expanding or just not sure on a precise fit, our knowledgeable team can visit you at your business. They can help you with exact measurements, providing useful advice, discussing project timescales and checking the practicalities. Or if you’re just interested in our hygienic design, they can help you get the best value for your business and a better understanding of how our products could work for you.

Occupational Health

Daily work life can affect people’s health, whether it’s sitting awkwardly or standing for long periods of time. We provide a range of furniture and equipment that can help you reduce the risk of long term health issues. Our anti-fatigue matting range has been proven to improve workplace standing fatigue by up to 50%! We also offer ergonomic seating and height adjustable tables, which can dramatically help take unnecessary strain off the body.

In industries where hygiene is of upmost importance, cross contamination is a worry on everyone’s minds. We have products designed to help prevent contamination and make your life a bit easier. Our hands free washroom products and sanitising door handle range help prevent the spread of germs through hands, while our sticky tack matting and sanitising boot washes can prevent contamination through footwear and our brooms and brushes will sweep the grime away.

We also provide a range of hygienic health and safety equipment; from super sturdy safety steps for regular use, to eye wash basins in case of an emergency. Well considered signage can make a big difference in promoting health and safety messages. On the production line, it’s a fast paced environment. Our personally designed Shadow boards are a great choice for helping workers maintain a tidy, organized workplace be so time isn’t unnecessarily wasted looking for tools.

Production Line

From a practical perspective, maintaining a well-ordered factory floor can substantially increase production efficiency and cleaning procedures. Our products are designed with as few dirt traps as possible and they are exceptionally easy to clean. This in turn saves valuable man hours for cleaning down, which can result is significant savings for the business. Built from high quality 304 or 316 grade stainless steel, our products made to last, meaning you won’t have to replace them often.