Hygiene station with sole washer and hand sanitisation with TFT touch panel

Our hygiene station combines sole washing and hand sanitization, streamlining the process for operators entering or exiting production areas. A green/red light indicator allows exit via a turnstile once sensor is activated, ensuring thorough hygiene and minimizing contamination risk. 6-10 operatives per minute.

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Our hygiene station with integrated shoe sole washer is the perfect solution for production areas to ensure that soles are washed and hands are sanitised as part of a one step hygiene process and provide a quick and high level of operator throughput before entering or exiting different locations.

The operative pass over the rotating brushes where a solution of washing and disinfection fluid is sprayed to wash the soles of the shoe. Simultaneously, both hands (palms up) enter the disinfection chambers, where they are sprayed once sensors activated. The unit features a green/red (go/stop) light indicator, and once the sensors are activated, the turnstile unlocks, allowing operatives to pass through.   

This unit features a concealed column housing  a TFT touch panel to allow for easy and simple adjustment to the amount of liquid dispensed and station reset time and the sanitizer solution bottle and an anti-panic function which stops the brushes and unlocks the turnstile to allow operatives to exit an area quickly in and emergency.  It also offers a tool-free, quick, and easy-to-remove brushes for effortless cleaning between shift and maintenance

6-10 operatives can pass through this hygiene station per minute.    

The combination of shoe sole washer and dispenser ensures an all-round hygiene flow, negating the possibility of human error in the changing room / gowning flow and minimising the risk of outside contamination.


Walk through 715mm:

  • Width: 1900mm
  • Depth: 1130mm
  • Height: 1720mm


  • 304-grade stainless steel.
  • Floor levelling feet.
  • 3.8" TFT touch panel to adjust the amount of liquid dispensed and station reset time.
  • One or two directions with left or right orientation turnstile.
  • Anti-panic function to allow operatives to exit an area quickly if required.
  • 20 litre soap and sanitiser tank capacity.
  • Power supply: 400 V / 50 Hz.
  • Control voltage 24V DC , power 0.6KW.
  • Water Supply 20mm, water drainage: Diam 50mm.
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