Hygiene-critical sectors are in a constant state of continuous improvement when it comes to standards of hygienic furniture and equipment. The constant need to update in light of new audit requirements can, if not checked properly, lead to your existing set up becoming out of date and prone to audit non-conformances.

We know this, so we have introduced a whole raft of new and updated products to our existing catalogue to help you keep up with the standards and remain audit ready every day.

One of the biggest areas of improvement has been with our Hygiene & waste collection of products. It’s one of the areas that could potentially provide the biggest hit when it comes to audit non-conformances, due to a number of items needing to handle waste products, which come  into contact with outside bacteria and require regular cleaning routines.

Any one of these, if not dealt with properly, could lead to a non-conformance and even, potentially down the line, special measures. We don’t want that, which is why we stay ahead of the curve so our customers can have the very best in audit ready hygienic furniture and equipment.

So what's new?

We have looked at our whole range of hygiene & waste products and have improved in several key areas:

Hand dryers 

Including the new Gladiator, Sentinel and Curve models, in addition to our best-selling Dyson V, we have created a range of hand dryers for multiple applications where ultra-hygiene is a necessity. Powerful, robust and easy to clean, our new hand dryers offer the perfect for purpose solution to hygienic hand drying.

Apron washer

Our brand-new integrated apron washer comes with two brushes – one top brush for aprons and one bottom brush for shoes and boots. Designed to be easy to use and easy to clean, your apron clean down routine becomes a quick and easy part of your work flow.

Motorised boot & shoe washers 

Enhanced from our previous range, our new motorised boot & shoe washers are designed to handle large quantities of operatives entering and exiting the processing areas in a hygienic way. Powerful, easy to clean and easy to maintain, our motorised washers define audit ready hygiene and waste equipment.

Turnstiles and Integrated hygiene stations 

Our new range of turnstiles provide a host of options, from standard exit turnstiles to integrated hand and footwear hygiene stations. The ideal solution for small to large food processing areas to deal with employee hygiene routines in a safe, easy to maintain and audit-compliant way.  

Audit ready every day

If your business or customers are still using hygiene and waste equipment that is over five years old, then they may well be vulnerable when it comes to audits.

Our mission is to ensure that our customers remain audit ready every day by providing the most up-to-date audit-compliant hygienic furniture and equipment to our customers.

Don’t get left behind. Upgrade your hygiene & waste equipment today!

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