Today’s laboratory and functional environments demand compliance with rigorous codes and standards. Therefore, selecting the right material and the perfect design is of crucial importance.

Our incoming range of tables combines the hygienic and quality design from Teknomek and the functionalities of the Trespa TopLab. This high-pressure compact laminate, fabricated with natural fibres and thermosetting resins, will extend the lifetime of your laboratory workbench.

The key to a secure boot rack We promised you a lockable boot rack, and here it is! Now, you can keep your fabulous footwear from wandering, and the boots can still be washed down while securely locked in place.

Usually, when you create something lockable, you don’t want it to be easily accessible. But when we designed our new lockable boot rack, an ‘open’ design was a big part of the brief. Boots need to be located quickly to save time searching, and just as easy to wash down as they are in a standard boot rack.

To meet this brief, we constructed the open frame with barred double ‘doors’ that can be securely locked together with a padlock. This simple design means you can easily spot your boots at a glance, and the wash-down process can be completed as normal while the frame is locked.

As per our recent redesign, the curved prongs are constructed from one continuous piece of 304-grade stainless steel, doing away with dirt traps and making the cleaning process even quicker.

The Teknomek lockable boot rack is available in the same sizes as our standard boot racks (to take up to 36 pairs) and follows the same space-saving design concept. Head over to our boot and shoe rack page to find out more.

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