BST Eco 2.0 Detectapens (pack of 50)

The new BST Eco v2.0 DetectaPen boasts all the same properties as the original Eco but with an all new sleek mat design for ultimate writing comfort!

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The Eco 2.0 pens feature a one piece metal detectable and x-ray visible plastic body made from specially formulated xdetect Polypropylene compound. The beautifully simple design is comprised of only two main components, the pen body and the ink cartridge. They boast FDA and EU food contact approvals, they are shatter resistant, dual detectable, lanyard compatible, incorporate silver ion anti-bacterial technology and are made in Britain.

The Eco V2.0 DetectaPen is moulded from xdetect, which is an advanced polypropylene based compound, optimised for metal and x-ray detection in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The xdetect compound also incorporates silver ion anti-bacterial technology, which is effective against harmful bacteria and mould, including, but not limited to, E.coli, MRSA, and Salmonella.

The high quality ink cartridge is manufactured from solid brass and means the pen offers a smooth and smudge free writing experience.

Other colour pens are available on request.


  • Silver ion anti-bacterial one piece pen -minimises the risk of contamination
  • Solid brass ink cartridge
  • Metal and x-Ray detectable
  • Strong, durable and shatter resistant
  • Made in Britain
  • BRCGS issue nine compliant and can be used as part of HACCP procedures
  • EEU and FDA food contact approved
  • Provided as a pack of 50 pens.
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