As the demands of modern hygiene-critical industries continue to be challenged by updated hygiene standards and adapt to the post-COVID world, the need for better quality and fit for purpose hygienic furniture becomes greater. Buying the cheapest, stainless steel table or cupboard no longer guarantees lifetime value or the ability to pass audit requirements.   

To meet this shift, here at Teknomek we continue to extend and adapt our standard and bespoke offerings to ensure our products and furniture meet the exacting hygiene demands of BRC Global Standards’ audit requirements.  

When it comes to design, Teknomek’s work with the food processing and pharmaceutical industries – which demand equipment and furniture that complies with stringent hygiene and cleaning processes - has meant the company fulfils the exacting cleanliness standards across many hygiene conscious industries. 

To respond to specific requirements within the food and drink manufacturing industry, and to aid compliance with BRC audit criteria, we continuously improve our knowledge and expertise around hygienic design to ensure our bespoke furniture designs are perfect for purpose.  

Our range of wash troughs are a perfect example of how our hygienic design principles, working in tandem with customer needs, have created a product that more than meets the needs of its application.  There are fewer ridges and no visible screws, reducing dirt traps for improved cleaning effectiveness, and sloped bowls assist with draining. To reduce surface contamination, the troughs are operated by knee paddles which now have an increased surface area enabling easier user operation regardless of user heights.   

We believe our customer research and long history of working closely with food and drink manufacturers puts us in an informed position ready for BRC audit requirements. Whether our customers are preparing for an audit or responding to non-conformities identified by the auditor, our ability hygienically design products to meet those needs or to quickly adapt or design furniture and equipment from scratch means we can help our clients meet specific challenges. All our products are food grade compliant supporting hygiene control through superior design and excellent manufacturing standards; while being built to last, however rigorous the cleaning routine is. 

Our Teknomexperts are on hand to speak to you about your hygienic furniture needs and how we can help integrate our standard and bespoke designs into your manufacturing workflow. You can even arrange for a site visit from our technical sales engineer, James, who will be able to deliver our expertise and knowledge right to your door. 

Contact us now to speak about our audit-ready hygienic designs, or to book your site visit. 

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