Here at Teknomek we have a great range of products dedicated to hygiene and waste management throughout all hygiene-critical sectors; PPE, sanitiser dispensers, waste bag holders, boot/shoe washers, drainage systems, hygienic door handles – the list goes on. 

But what about hygienic area cleaning systems? The need for cleanrooms to remain as contamination, particle and risk free as possible has never been greater as the demands for sterile products and new technology continues to advance. Ultra-sterile furniture and equipment technology continues to get better, like the introduction of our own Hygieniox range for cleanroom environments, but it then stands to reason that the technology to clean the new sterile equipment must also advance. 

Last year, Teknomek teamed up with industry leaders, Delfin, to offer our customers easy access to a whole range of cutting edge industrial vacuum cleaners, which offer best-in-class cleaning solutions for industrial and pharmaceutical applications. The ones we are most excited about, however, are their two vacuum cleaners which are specifically designed for cleanroom environments, up to ISO 4, and also comply with ISO 14644-1 and FED STD 209E. 

The first model – HWVC-IDVCPD – is designed purely for dry cleaning, and the second model – HWVC-IDVCPWD – is a wet and dry cleaner which is ideal for removing liquids and sanitising cleanrooms. Because of this dual functionality, the wet and dry model can be used on a variety of surfaces, including floors, walls and equipment. This can help extend the lifetime of equipment by reducing the particles allowed to enter them.  

Both models feature four levels of HEPA or ULPA filtration which ensures the air released from the vacuum cleaners is pure, by trapping even the smallest particles in the filter – about 0.3 microns, which is much smaller than the width of a human hair. This enhanced particle removal doesn’t just keep the cleanroom clean but can also prevent complete disaster. By removing particles, it reduces the risk of fire and explosion if the particles are exposed to other materials in the cleanroom.  

The removal of particles also aids in the health and wellbeing of the cleanroom staff and, by extension, the products that are being manufactured. The vacuums reduce the risk of exposure to dust and other harmful particles that could cause numerous negative effects, including respiratory issues, cross-contamination and the spread of disease. 

This alone makes vacuum cleaners an essential part of any cleanroom. They help to ensure that any cleanroom environment is clean, safe and productive.  

What makes the Delfin vacuums extra-special is on the inside. The external body is manufactured from 304 stainless steel, with the internal components being manufactured from 316-grade stainless steel. With this combination of tough, easy clean and anti-microbial materials, the Delfin vacuums fit in perfectly to the cleanroom environment. Standard industrial vacuums no longer cut the mustard and present more of a risk than a solution. 

 A complete lack of dirt traps, smooth finish and stainless steel construction makes thorough cleaning and maintenance of the Delfin vacuums quick and easy. For cleanrooms which operate with long clean down routines, this makes for an ideal solution. The vacuum cleaners and accessories are also autoclavable for complete and safe sanitising. 

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