We are proud to finally present our new range of 316 stainless steel cleanroom furniture, Hygienox:

  •  - Built to last, designed for Pharmaceutical and Cleanroom environments
  •  - Extremely robust against harsh chemicals including Chlorine and Hydrogen Peroxide
  •  - Intelligent design and specification features
  • - Reduced clean down times for improved productivity
  •  - Reduced contamination risk
  •  - Lessened risk of rouging or tiger stripes
  •  - 316 Stainless Steel as standard
  •  - 0.3 RA surface roughness

Developed over the last two years and designed with an obsessive attention to detail, the Hygienox range from Teknomek is a range of equipment and furniture specifically for cleanroom environments, exceeding - not just meeting - the ISO Class 5 standard.

Created specifically for A & B Grade cleanroom environments, where compliance with ISO 14644 is paramount, Hygienox tables from Teknomek are made from 316L stainless steel as standard, providing our customers with a future-proof cleanroom solution.

The 316L stainless steel used in Hygienox furniture has an ultra-smooth finish, which allows less pooling of chemicals than on coarser surfaces, meaning less corrosion, staining and contamination over time. The ultra-smooth finish is also less abrasive, preventing friction between furniture and any other surfaces it may come into contact with; such as gloves or equipment, which means less chance of abrasive contact causing particles to be released into the atmosphere.

Our Hygienox tables are available in three sizes, with static and mobile versions available. You can also create Bespoke variations to suit your specific cleanroom needs.

For more information about Hygienox from Teknomek, or how to use our Bespoke service to incorporate Hygienox into your cleanroom environments, call the Teknomek customer services team on 01603 788833 or view our Hygienox product page here.

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