Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a crystal ball? To be able to see the future so you could plan for the worst and prevent a small, manageable issue from escalating into a full-on crisis?

Whilst none of us know exactly what the future holds when it comes to hygiene, we are clear on a couple of points:
(1) objectionable organisms are becoming more virulent,
(2) disinfection needs to be stronger to stand a chance against them.

As our awareness of how dangerous and resilient some viruses and bacteria are, we have no choice but to raise our safety and cleaning standards to protect our businesses and end-users.

Having a robust, hygienic culture that runs throughout the organisation has never been more important. From the moment staff arrive at work, they need to be conscious of stepping into an aseptic environment that is all about exceptional hygiene and risk management.

Over the years, we’ve seen a move towards more frequent and increasingly rigorous sterilisation routines, using far higher concentrations of disinfectants and increasing use of chemicals such as vapourised hydrogen peroxide for decontamination.

When sterilisation gets more hard-core, your processes and equipment need to be able to cope with it. When planning the layout and furniture specification of a room, you can no longer think about the now: you must assume than things will get tougher: your equipment and processes need to be ready.

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