We're all busy.

That's what happens at this time of year. No matter what sector you are in, the pressures of the Christmas season affect us all. Whether that's through the season affecting the demands of your industry, or even just needing to get things done before your Christmas break - we all feel it.

For the Christmas season in production facility, these seasonal pressures are felt particularly keenly in the packing and distribution areas.

Packing a punch

With product, equipment and bodies everywhere in packing and distribution, the potential for equipment failure is huge - and also potentially disastrous for the business.

The need for the right product for the right purpose is vital to make sure that things run smoothly during the busiest periods. Old or unsuitable equipment can fail when put under too much pressure, so here at Teknomek we make sure that our Storage & handling equipment covers all the bases - sturdy, well designed and, let's not forget, hygienic.

Pallet trucks

Made from 304 stainless steel and with a maximum payload of a whopping 2500kg, our Pallet trucks (which are currently available with a new low price and price breaks for bulk purchases) are ideal for any dispatch or warehouse within a hygienic area.

Making even the heaviest of handling jobs easy the pallet trucks are also easy to manoeuvre - ideal for safely swerving busy staff – and highly visible, with yellow-painted versions available.

Yellow Teknomek pallet truck in action in a warehouse

Dollies & bogies

Bogies and dollies are the unsung heroes of manual handling. With payloads of up to 540kg, manual handling tasks are a breeze. Each of our dollies or bogies are manufactured from 304 stainless steel which offers not just durability but ultra-hygiene too.

Tool & knife cabinets

Our range of Tool & knife cabinets provide easy compartmentalisation of different types of tools for efficiency and safety.

Not just easy to clean, our Tool & Knife cabinets are hygienically designed, flexible and provide the perfect for purpose storage solution to ensure you don’t get caught out in audits, and you can always find what you need.

It doesn't end there...

Our Storage and handling collection is full of hygienic, audit-ready solutions for the movement and processing of products which require protection from contamination. We pride ourselves on putting our customers businesses first and working together to ensure your busiest periods are safe, productive and audit-ready, every day.

You can still benefit from our high-quality hygienic furniture and equipment this year by getting your orders in before the 11 December, which is the last guaranteed order date for pre-Christmas production.

You can also get spares and replacements right up to the last minute by ordering before the 20 December for spares and in-stock items.

Please be aware, any orders after this date will be processed in the New Year as we will be shutting down for the Christmas period on the 22 December.

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