Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) involves getting three components right – people, process and design. Our new 20-page booklet on Hygiene Culture & Microbe Management looks at how to achieve this in a cleanroom environment.

Within 30 minutes we can touch up to 300 surfaces, meaning people will always be the greatest risk when it comes to hygiene control. So, one of the most effective ways to reduce risk is to build an ‘always-on’ hygienic mindset.

In this guide, we share tried and tested ways to effect behavioral change, including the use of physiological cues for staff and visitors. When building your hygiene strategy, this is just as important as the processes and products you use.

We look at the most effective cleanroom design, from room layout to the use of mobile or bespoke furniture, as well as how to assess every item for dirt traps. Plus, we go through the steps of sterilisation and clean-down, including appropriate chemical use in your cleaning routines.

Last but not least, we examine the topic of occupational health, keeping your valued staff safe and well in their working environment.  

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