At Teknomek, we love Nudge Theory. Give people just a little bit of subliminal encouragement to help them easily follow your hygiene standards and behaviours.

Think about changing-rooms for a moment. Your aim is to make the gowning-up process risk free and intuitive, ensuring no steps are missed and both your people and production line are completely BRC compliant.

As humans, we’re all motivated by different things. Without a nudge in the right direction, three people entering the same changing room are all likely to follow a unique route, leading to time-wasting and unhygienic practices.

By creating a logical, quick and efficient route to the production line, you lose less staff time and reduce the risk of bad habits.

For example, position hand-washing stations after personal items have been placed in lockers and provide glove dispensers at the right stage of the gowning-up process. Consider floor graphics as a reminder of the ‘direction of travel’ and position hand gel dispensers where they can’t be missed. Whilst trust is essential when it comes to hygienic practices, making it as easy and comfortable as possible for them to comply, really helps.

It’s all about the flow: creating a logical progression that makes hygienic practice second nature. By designing your changing room so that it includes the best possible equipment together with a linear working approach, you can support compliance, improve operational efficiency AND reduce the risk of cross contamination.

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