If you boldly go into the topic of industrial and pharmaceutical seating, then the issue of ergonomics will play a pretty hefty part.

We all know the effects of uncomfortable seating on both ourselves and our colleagues:

  • Fatigue: Cleanroom workers often spend long hours working in seated positions and uncomfortable seating can lead to fatigue, which can reduce concentration.
  • Productivity: Aches and pains caused by poor seating can cause distractions which can cause discomfort.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders: A group of injuries and disorders that affect the muscles, tendons and nerves. Can be caused by repetitive movements and awkward postures.
  • Low morale: Hours on end in pain can make even the most job-satisfied of workers morale drop.

The next (particle) generation

For cleanroom environments in particular, one unwanted side effect of unsupportive seating is the risk of particle generation caused by excessive movement.

When we move, we generate particles from our skin, hair, clothing and even breath. An article from Cleanroom Technology in 2011 found that the number of particles generated by a person walking or moving in a cleanroom is significantly higher than a person sitting or standing still. The study also found that the number of particles generated increases with the speed of movement.

With that in mind, consider then the impact of poor seating on particle generation. With unsupportive seating causing fidgeting and more movement away from, and around, the workstation then the chances of unwanted particles being generated from movement getting into the cleanroom environment are huge.

Pro-tech: Discovery

The answer lies in our Pro-tech plus hygienic seating solutions for cleanrooms. Built specifically with labs and cleanrooms in mind, the Pro-tech plus chairs are designed and built to not just be an excellent hygienic, easy to clean solution to employee seating but to be perfectly weight responsive, ergonomic and comfortable.

The ergonomically designed and contoured seat and back supports your lumbar and spine, while the fully adjustable seat height and tilt, back height and rake make the Pro-tech plus chairs perfectly adjustable for any shape or size.

This adjustment to any body shape, plus a weight capacity of 150kg, will make hours of workstation time as comfortable as possible, reducing the need for excessive movement or fidgeting – which will in turn reduce the chances of particle shedding.

It isn’t just all about the comfort and ergonomics with the Pro-tech range, however.

Make it Pro, Number One

Our Pro-tech vinyl chairs have been hygienically designed with cleanroom hygiene standards in mind. All the mechanisms are fully enclosed so there are no exposed workings that need cleaning, taking up even more time and hampering productivity. The sealed upholstery also plays its part in reducing any dirt traps on the chairs and making clean down times as quick and efficient as possible.  

The Pro-tech plus range also comes in low or high variants for an additional comfort option – complete with foot ring on the higher chair. There is also the choice of glides or castors, depending on your requirements. 

If you would like to find out more about our Pro-tech plus ultra-hygienic cleanroom chairs, visit the product page on our website, contact our customer service team here or give us a call on +44 (0)1603 788 833.

Sit long and prosper!

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