They’re not the most glamorous of products, but insect control is so incredibly vital for the overall hygiene of your facility. While the traditional grid flykillers are effective against most airborne insects, the BRC global standard for food safety references the risk of insect expulsion as a major negative. 

Glueboard-based insect traps, which are already in widespread use in food processing, are one of the most accepted BRC standard fly control solutions within the industry. To quote BRC global food standards, section 4: 

4.14 Pest Control 

The whole site shall have an effective preventive pest control programme in place to minimize the risk of infestation and there shall be the resources available to rapidly respond to any issues which occur to prevent risk to products. 


Fly-killing devices and/or pheromone traps shall be correctly sited and operational. If there is a danger of insects being expelled from a fly-killing extermination device and contaminating the product, alternative systems and equipment shall be used. 

The Infiniti 2 range of UV LED flykillers from Teknomek take glueboard-based insect control to the next level. The Infiniti sets itself apart from traditional 45w UV flykillers with its sleek and stylish aesthetic, ultra-slim profile and energy saving UV LED’s, which save (on average) up to 67% on energy costs vs their traditional alternatives. In an age where rapidly increasing energy costs and inflation put pressure on businesses, this is a major benefit. 

Cost isn’t the only benefit to the Infiniti though. With it’s quick and easy installation, which is derived from its brushed aluminium plated front guard with tool-free access, bottom loading glueboard and LED output life of three years, the Infiniti 2 range benefits all commercial applications with superb efficiency, easy cleaning and low profile. The Infiniti 2 Aqua version is the ranges IP5 rated alternative, giving added benefit from its ability to be hosed down. 

All Infiniti 2 products are independently tested and certified to RoHS and all relevant European standards. 

The full Infiniti 2 range can be found on our website here, alongside replacement LED strips and replacement glueboards. 

Teknomek are the UK’s leading supplier of hygienic furniture and equipment in the UK.  

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