What is mobile equipment?

Our mobile, intelligently designed equipment is devised to be easily movable for a number of reasons, such as providing easy access for quicker, thorough cleaning or enabling a modular environment. Mobile products mean you can simply wheel out a cabinet to clean behind it or re-structure a process with ease.

What are the benefits of having mobile cleanroom furniture?

As maintaining hygienic standards takes a significant investment, you’ll already be aware of how maintaining stable microbe count levels literally saves you money. Mobile furniture can prove an effective solution as it’s quick to move, enabling fast and effective cleaning.

Why Teknomek?

Our high-quality wheels ensure safety surrounding moveable furniture so you can feel comfortable moving things around.

Some of our products such as shelving and workbenches already come with mobile versions but many Teknomek products can easily be customised to become mobile, as both the product and the wheels themselves are extremely sturdy.

✓ Easy access for cleaning
✓ Enables modular work environments
✓ Hygienic, sturdy and quiet design
✓ Minimises risk

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