Committing to, and delivering a high level of hygiene is essential in the meat processing industry and Teknomek’s stainless steel furniture and equipment adheres to all industry hygiene requirements so you know you are in safe hands. 

As the UK’s leading provider of hygienic stainless steel furniture and equipment Teknomek manufacture products that adhere to all hygiene requirements.

Many food products are corrosive to other materials but with Technomek’s quality stainless steel this is not a problem. Products are even given a protective layer on chromium oxide which allows the equipment to remain hygienic even if damaged.

The Teknomek stainless steel furniture has been ergonomically designed with ease of use in mind. Ledges are minimised and with enough clearance room off the floor to ensure you can reach every corner of the room. Even the finish has been chosen because it aids the effectiveness of cleaning. The 240 grit brush finish means that while the look and feel is smooth, there is a grain which allows for a much deeper clean and means there are no grooves for dirt or residue to lie. 

Meat Processing