Stainless steel floor cupboards

Our tough stainless steel cupboards are intelligently designed to include special hygienic features so they are super quick and easy to keep clean. The range offers even more choice to perfectly fit your storage challenge.

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We are sure you will find a perfect floor cupboard to suit your needs from within our huge choice of stainless steel floor cupboards. Manufactured from 304-grade stainless steel, our tough and sturdy cupboards now feature unique hygienic designs that make them also the easiest and quickest to keep clean.

The cupboards enable you to make full use of the roomy storage space inside, or you can create more surface storage by adding an optional shelf by dropping it onto the easy clean welded studs at 325mm above the base/floor. These studs are positioned so the shelf will feature a very slight backward lean so to minimise the risk of water pooling and Listeria build up.  The small gap between the shelf and the back of the cupboard then lets the water fall away via the drainage holes at the back of the base. We've thought of everything so that Listeria cannot lurk here!

Dirt ledges are minimised, by being easily swept away from the insides of the door(s) and the vertical frame on the back and sides offer no harbourage or dirt ledges for microbes to collect and multiply. 

The wide range of cupboards are intelligently designed to stand alongside our standard range of heavy duty tables at 840mm high for perfect modular compatibility.  They feature four non marking rubber base adjustable feet for perfect balance or you can go mobile for easy access with Stainless Steel castors. The anti-snag handle ensures you will keep your items safe (spare key included), and the option of upstand ensures items wont disappear at the back!

Our cupboards also come with an upstand option and every possible combination is an ideal storage solution for hygienic production areas. 

To support safety and quick cleaning, consider adding a 20mm deep drip tray at the bottom to catch any substances and stop them spreading around. 

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  • Widths: 600/1200/1500/1800mm
  • Depth: 600mm
  • Height: 840mm
  • Floor clearance: 165mm


  • 304-grade stainless steel in brushed dull polish finish
  • Static: 4 stainless steel adjustable feet with non-marking rubber base
  • Mobile: 4 swivel stainless steel castors (two braked)
  • Lockable cupboard
  • Optional rear upstand
  • Anti-snag handle 

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