Stainless steel three station wash trough with Dyson Airblade wash + dry tap

A hygienically design Wash trough fitted with a Dyson Airblade - allowing the user to wash and dry their hands in the same location.

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Teknomek’s hygienically designed and fully welded stainless steel wash trough incorporating the touch free infra-red Dyson Airblade wash + dry offers the ultimate hygienic and space saving option. The space saving units mean no need for separate hand drier or paper towel dispensers so freeing up room in the washroom for other facilities.

The range offers 1-3 station units wall mounted with the motor in set in the wall. An optional wall mounted back box is available for situations where the motor can not be inset in the wall. Skirt options are available.

The wash trough is specifically designed for to the Dyson airblade wash + dry requirements so ensuring no water escapes from the wash trough when in operation.

Dyson Airblade wash +Dry is operated by Infra-red and switches intuitively between water and air so no need to touch the tap or buttons. It is equipped with a fixed automatic 60 second water flush 24 hours after last use to helps reduce water stagnation and bacteria proliferation within the product. The built in Hepa filter captures 99.9% of particles the size of bacteria in the washroom air so hands are dried with clean air. Hands are dried in 14 seconds and over the sink eliminating water being dripped on the floor. HACCP approved.

These units are not only environmentally friendly by producing up to 79% less CO2 than other hand dryers but also cost effect as they are 98% cheaper than paper towels and costs up to 76% less to run that other hand dryers.

To complete your order add a thermostatic mixer valve using code WSHS-MVAC to control your water temperature.

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  • Width: 1786mm
  • Depth: 502mm
  • Height: 730mm or 1160mm with skirt  


  • Waste 32mm
  • Optional skirt to cover the waste trap
  • 1/2" BSP isolated valve required for service
  • Flow rate: 4 L/min normal fitted aerator alternatively 1.9l/m with low flow aerator supplied with product.
  • Operating temperature range 0-40°C
  • Fitted with a touch free -infra-red Dyson Airblade wash and dry. 
  • Wall Mounted, Motor inset in wall
  • 304L-grade stainless steel, Dull Polished finish
  • Water pressure 1-8 Bar, Rated Power: 1000W

Follow the Dyson Installation notes when installing.

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