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Trespa TopLab Base range of seating benches with - ideal for cleanrooms and laboratories

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Our new Trespa TopLab Base seating bench range is an ideal choice for cleanrooms and laboratories with its excellent chemical resistance, durability, anti-bacterial and antistatic properties.

The Trespa TopLab Base is an easy clean with a smooth surface. It comes in white, is 16mm thick with polished beveled edges and square corners. Trespa TopLab is the preferred material of the health market because of its durability, easy clean, anti-microbial, and chemical resistant properties. 

Our wide range of Trespa Top lab base seating benches come in 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000, 2500 mm widths, 1 or 2 shelves with S-clad option available to easily divide clean and dirty garments.

• 16mm thick Trespa Top lab base
• Polished beveled edges and square corners
Proven reduction of 99.99% bacteria after 24 hours  
• Does not retain water
• Heat resistant to 180°C 
• Scratch and impact resistant

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