2024 has become a key year for Teknomek with the introduction of a whole host of new changing room products.

Aimed at widening our already large changing rooms offering, our new products extend and complement our existing range, while ensuring that your business stays future-proof and BRCGS compliant.

We have created an extensive array of products, designed to improve gowning flows across all hygiene-conscious industries, such as food processing, pharmaceutical production, cleanrooms and commercial kitchens. 

Let’s take a tour of our new changing rooms range to see how they can benefit your business:

1. Boot dryers

Coming in both single and double-sided options, our new boot dryers provide efficient drying with  up to four hours drying time and sterilisation for multiple pairs of boots; ideal for high production areas with plenty of staff.

Aside from keeping the boots sterile and clean, it also reduces the threat of mould – meaning that your rubber boots last longer, and therefore, need replacing less often. The range provides coverage from 20 up to 80 pairs.

2. Hand dryers

Our brand-new hand dryers have been introduced to not only increase efficiencies with fast drying times, but also to increase anti-bacterial protection with HEPA dust filters on selected models. Low power outputs also reduce usage, putting less strain on energy bills. 

3. Motorised boot & shoe washers 

Effectively eradicate outside contamination with our motorised walk through washers. Ideal for large footfall areas, they significantly reduce contamination from the outside world, all the while maintaining hygiene and efficiency standards by being easy to clean and anti-bacterial. 

Health and safety is also an important factor with a non-slip flooring and safety rails installed to aid employees moving through efficiently without the threat of injury.

4. Turnstiles and hygiene stations 

Our brand-new floor or wall-mounted turnstiles effectively control the flow of employees through the gowning process and ensure each step is completed before access to the production areas.

Soap and sanitiser versions are available for initial access and post-gowning points.

Our all-encompassing hygiene stations bring together the benefits of both boot washers and turnstiles, providing a quick and efficient hand and foot sanitisation station that reduces the threat of contaminants entering production or high-risk areas.


Adding additional flow control options and increasing anti-bacterial protection to your changing room processes through our new products, your business can benefit from increased efficiencies and time and money savings to help increase productivity and the bottom line. 

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