Control thermostat for 6/12 knife steriliser

This thermostat is a spare part for our knife sterilisers.

Sale price£35.00
Sale price£42.00 (Inc. VAT)


Our control thermostat is a spare part for our knife sterilisers.

The thermostat is the main heating control component for our knife steriliser. It controls the heating elements and is a temperature-activated switch. When the thermostat senses that the water temperature is below its set point, it will energize the heating elements in response to this “call for heat”.

There is an adjustable heat setting for temperatures ranging between 40 and 120°C and must be set at the desired temperature before use (98°C is the recommended setting).


  • Heat range is between 40° and 120°C.
  • Rigid brass stem.     
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