Whilst your packing zone might not be a highest-risk area of your operation in terms of hygiene, it is a critical part of your overall safety culture. The way a packing room is engineered can have a massive impact on the health, safety and comfort of staff and, therefore, your productivity. Selecting the wrong kit for the job could cost you time and money, so get specialist advice when it comes to purchasing items such as shelving, dollies and storage.

Make sure your equipment is tough enough for the job in hand and don’t miss the small details. Are your dollies heavy duty enough for the loads being moved? Can the wheels cope with the surface they’re operating on? Floor surfaces that are not level, smooth, clean and dry can increase the force needed to propel a load and lead to push/pull problems.

Are your people safe when they’re lifting? Consider the correct standing height and ensure that if ladders and kick stools are needed, they are robust and safe. When people are shifting heavy objects they need room to manoeuvre; tight spaces can lead to awkward posture, injuries and, subsequently, time off work. As with every part of your operation, the packing room process benefits from when it flows well. Invest time in planning to encourage operatives to follow your process intuitively and

And of course, as with every part of your operation, ensure your packing room is easy to clean down; with no place for microbes to get comfortable and cause problems.

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