Reach Food Service, based in Hayes, Middlesex, source and supply the best seafood, pastry and dairy ingredients for 5-star hotels and Michelin star restaurants in London, Dubai and Monaco.

Reach’s reputation relies upon outstanding customer service, and they expect the same high standards from their own suppliers, led by KDH Construction, for their new fish preparation unit.

Teknomek worked in collaboration with KDH and Reach to gain an in depth understanding of Reach’s business goals and the expectation of project.

Carl Cecil, Managing Director of Reach, wanted high quality products that would last a long time and deliver optimum work place efficiency to support fast turnaround times, so a combination of bespoke and standard products were agreed. Quality, service and on time delivery was essential as the whole project required a quick turnaround.

‘Time is money, I challenged Teknomek with a fast delivery. They delivered early or on time for every deadline and the quality is outstanding. They worked well with KDH, communicating well with the contractor which made the project much easier. I always felt I was in safe hands'

Teknomek supplied furniture throughout the site from changing rooms and goods in, to super freezing, sorting and goods out. The range included benches, tables, wash troughs, boot racks and washers, dispensers, lockers, waste bag holders, sinks and coat hooks.

To support the high standard of Reach’s culinary food preparation and creation, Reach required bespoke fish preparation stations. This ergonomic, modular design could flex to each chef’s working preferences, enabling optimum productivity.

As is standard for food preparation, hygiene is critical.  Our troughs on the stations were designed so waste could flow quickly and cleanly down stainless-steel pipes, to the drains within the floor. The stations’ detachable tables were built to be tough and safe so that food prep tools could sit in disinfectant in their in-built tray overnight.

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