How much time, and money, does your business spend on cleaning? 5% of staff hours? 10%? Some businesses tell us that 12% of staff time is permanently assigned to cleaning!  By safely cutting down on cleaning time, frees up time for production and therefore output.

With the current issue of staff shortages, saving time on cleaning has never been more pressing.  

The great news is that the power is in your hands. The time you spend on cleaning your equipment depends entirely on the thoroughness of the purchasing evaluation. The time it takes for microbes to move from being irritating to dangerous, is frighteningly short. If your furniture has hidden dirt traps or harbourage points, it can take only ten minutes for bacteria to double in size. Anywhere there is a hidden ledge where food particles can rest, you’ll have problems and will need to clean more often.

Total cost of ownership

Whilst an extra five minutes spent cleaning an individual item of furniture may seem like nothing to worry about, try adding up the accumulated total you have. The more complex the product, the more it costs to clean; for example consider your motorised bootwashers, they may take seconds to get each pair of boots clean, but the time taken to wash down varies considerably.

Right spec, reduced risk

By getting the right advice and specifying the right furniture with less trap points, you can dramatically reduce your daily wash down time. And less time spent washing down means more time manufacturing And as well as reducing time, by buying the right equipment you’re reducing risk. A microbe outbreak due to inadequate cleaning can lead to production shutdown, an unexpected audit and even reputational damage.
The key to eliminating washdown time stealers is looking forward and thinking about the total cost of ownership. Bad design presents a wonderful opportunity for bacteria but represents a massive risk for your business.

Our Hygiene Essentials - How much time could you save?

If you buy right first time, you save yourself time, hassle and money in the long run. Saving just 10 minutes of cleandown time per day, would result in over 60 hours saved in cleaning costs over the course of a year. Our products are designed to ensure quick and efficient cleaning, to help you reduce costs.

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