Having difficulty finding the right fit? We offer a bespoke and customised service to design products exactly to your specification. We know it can be time consuming and difficult to find what you need, which is why we’ve identified a few potential areas we think we could help. 

Hygiene Control

We naturally design with hygiene in mind, meaning our products will always be quick and easy to clean where possible, however we can go one step further and help you to design products specialised to suit your hygienic needs. For example, to help prevent cross contamination between two working areas, or to keep a specific practise located in one area only.

Production Efficiency

Using furniture specially designed for faster and more efficient working can prevent hours of wasted time for workers, potentially caused by inappropriate working equipment or unnecessarily moving from place to place. An intelligent and easy clean design could shave hours off cleandown time afterwards too, helping you save both time and money in the long run.


Occupational health can have a huge impact on workers, whether standing, sitting or lifting, they can all cause issues in the long run. Designing products to be height adjustable is one simple option for easier and safer working. Opting for mobile could potentially help prevent heavy lifting but where inevitable, safety steps and lifting mechanisms could also be a valuable option.

Specialist Storage or Protection

Specialist equipment can sometimes require specialist protection, especially when it comes to electronics in damp areas or production areas where damage could occur. Whether a modification to our standard cupboards or computer cabinets, or a full bespoke design, we can make the perfect fit. Plus, we can also offer perforated steel to maintain airflow if necessary.

Harsh working environments

We know that harsh working environments can require the need for a more resilient stainless steel, so we can manufacture many of our standard products or bespoke designs using 316 stainless steel. This tougher steel can withstand the harsh clean down and sterilisation practises necessary within high risk and sterile areas. 

Structural difficulties

Awkwardly shaped rooms, space issues and low ceilings can cause issues when it comes to fitting large industrial furniture, especially where foot traffic needs to flow freely. We can design many of our products with custom measurements so that they fit perfectly to your building.

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