The BRC Global Standards for Food Safety are used by food manufacturers, retailers, and other organisations to ensure all their products are safe and of high quality, while maintaining the correct, expected standards of hygiene across all food processing furniture and equipment. An auditor’s job is to audit against the BRC standard and highlight any possible non-conformances, and to ensure that the production facility demonstrates adherence to the standards.

But BRC audits are not just limited to the production line.

When assessing your production facility, it is important to identify and correct potential hazards outside of the production line which may cause a fail during an audit. Failing to prioritise non-production or preparation areas, such as changing rooms, storage areas and washrooms, you run the risk of failing your audit and seriously harming your productivity.

Hygienically designed furniture and equipment can help companies pass BRC audits by reducing the risk of contamination.

Looking at the entire factory, auditors thoroughly inspect the following areas:

  • warehousing and storage: The auditor will check that food is stored in a clean and sanitary environment
  • packaging: The auditor will ensure that food is packaged in appropriate materials and check that the materials used are not a source of contamination
  • waste disposal: The auditor will inspect the waste disposal system to make sure that it is effective in preventing the spread of contamination
  • personnel hygiene: The auditor will check to make sure that all personnel, anyone who comes into contact with the food items, are properly trained in food safety procedures.

And the auditor will assess the overall food safety culture of the organisation. They will want to see a senior management to production operative commitment to food safety, employee training, and the effectiveness of the food safety management system.

The choice of hygienic furniture and equipment plays an integral part on audit day.

The standard of hygienic furniture and equipment that is used in a food manufacturing facility will have a significant impact on overall food safety. And if the furniture and equipment selected for manufacturing spaces is not properly designed and maintained, it can pose a real risk as a potential source of contamination.

Tables and workstations, for example, that are not properly cleaned and sanitised can harbour bacteria. Similarly, furniture and equipment that is not effectively sealed can allow contaminants to enter the food.

Hygienically designed furniture and equipment is critical in helping companies pass BRC audits by greatly reducing the risk of contamination.

There are key features that you should look out for when sourcing hygienic furniture for your production, storage and changing spaces:

  • Is the furniture smooth, with non-absorbent surfaces that are easy to clean and sanitise?
  • Does it feature easy to access components to enable thorough cleaning?
  • Does the furniture have sealed joints and seams to prevent the entry of contaminants?
  • Is it made of materials that are resistant to corrosion and wear?

By researching the hygienic furniture market and investing in fully hygienically designed furniture and equipment, food manufacturers can help to ensure that their end products are produced safely and of a high, consistent quality.

BRC audits are an important part of ensuring the safety of food products, that manufacturers ignore at their peril.

It is imperative that food manufacturers take proactive steps to ensure their factories are compliant with the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. And this includes investing in hygienically designed furniture and equipment to protect your customers and your business.

Teknomek use the latest technology and hygienic design principles to create stainless steel furniture which is specifically designed for industries where hygiene is critical. We use every second of our 36 years to design furniture that is easy to clean, durable and perfect for purpose so our customers can have confidence that Teknomek furniture will enhance productivity and save time and money.

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