Quality meets quality - Teknomek combines hygienic 304-grade stainless steel with Trespa® TopLab® surfaces.

The TRESPA® product line initially consists of freestanding tables, wall-mounted lab benching, floor cupboards, seating benches and changing room furniture.

The range is the first on the market to combine a 304-grade stainless steel base with the globally renowned Trespa TopLab surfaces. Both TRESPA TopLab® surfaces and 304 or 316 stainless steel are naturally anti-microbial.

The new range offers the best of both worlds; 304 grade stainless steel is naturally anti-microbial and Trespa TopLab’s offers exceptionally smooth and biologically clean surface properties. The TopLab surfaces are scratch and impact resistant, and their dense molecular coating makes them almost impervious to temperature, UV radiation and humidity. They are robust enough to manage mechanical, thermal and chemical sterilisation processes, including the most aggressive cleaning products.

As well as being tough, the surfaces combine with Teknomek’s hygienic design, which makes the range quick and easy to clean. The freestanding tables have an easy reach diamond rear rail and underneath Teknomek have removed potential dirt traps.

The TRESPA floor cupboards have been developed with flexibility in mind as they can be used as standalone units or sit snuggly beneath Teknomek’s current range of TRESPA tables to suit the user’s needs. The step-over benches and changing room furniture benefit from Teknomek's experience creating changeover rooms that support GMP best practice.Teknomek's bespoke design service continues to apply to the Trespa range, delivering the best design for the intended purpose.

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