Here at Teknomek, we are always looking for new and better ways to help our customers create productive, risk managed and hygienic work environments.

So we are massively excited to announce our new partnership with Sealwise. We’ve introduced a collection of furniture made from Sealwise’s unique Waterproof Construction Board (WCB) to our catalogue, giving customers even more choice.

Like Teknomek, Sealwise is a UK company committed to the highest hygiene standards. Sealwise WCB was created by its founder, owner and MD, Paul Huggins, and is a revolutionary, completely waterproof panel product. Vitally important for Teknomek customers, it is also anti-bacterial, anti-static, resistant to chemicals, and fire-resistant, making it an ideal material for furniture designed for laboratories.

Over the next few weeks and months you will see a range of Sealwise products being added to our website, including lockers, seating benches, cupboards and tables.

One of our favourite benefits of Sealwise WCB is the fact that it is antibacterial through and through. Every sheet of WCB is treated with Sealwise Protect Silver Ion technology to provide fast, effective and long-lasting anti-bacterial protection. However rough you get with your Sealwise furniture, and no matter how often you clean it, you won’t remove the antibacterial properties. The treated surfaces inhibit bacterial growth and reduce odours, making furniture constructed from WCB vastly more hygienic and durable than wood-based construction boards such as MDF.

As its name suggests, Sealwise WCB is also completely waterproof. And we mean waterproof, not just water resistant. Because the core of the board is made up of millions of minute bubbles bound together, there is no room for water – or bacteria – to get into the product under any circumstances. That means it’s extremely durable and perfect for environments where contamination control is critical. And with a long lifespan comes great value for money.

And when it comes to being environmentally responsible, Sealwise WCB has it covered. The board is made from PVC which, due to recent advances in recycling processes, is viewed as one of the greenest materials available because it can be recycled multiple times. The outer top and bottom surface of Sealwise WCB is made from virgin PVC and the core of the board is made from recycled UPVC.

The Teknomek Sealwise range includes tables and lecterns with legs manufactured from stainless steel with a Sealwise WCB work surface, as well as cupboards, seating benches and lockers entirely constructed from Sealwise WCB.

Find out more about Sealwise here

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