Teknomek design and manufacture stainless steel products which perform to a high standard in the controlled atmospheres of cleanrooms. To eliminate any possibility of cross contamination our stainless steel furniture and equipment are non particle shedding giving you confidence in the products you buy.

We are constantly researching and listening to our customers to improve our products and through this process we developed the perforated topped stainless steel tables which are perfect for pharmaceutical environments because air can flow easily through preventing the build up of contaminents, such as dust.

Standard equipment, and even bespoke products can be manufactured in 316 grade stainless steel which will resist even the most corrosive of chemicals. The extra nickel in the 316 grade helps improve the products stability overall.

Teknomek stainless steel furniture and equipment feature a 240 grit brush finish which allows for more effective cleaning. Whilst looking smooth, there is a grain to the finish which allows a deeper clean and no pits for dirt to collect.