Building and maintaining a hygienic space is a difficult beast. With so many factors to take into account, which may be specific for each sector, when it comes to purchasing and sourcing hygienic furniture and equipment – it can get complicated.  

The need to not only get the right piece of furniture for the job but also to make sure it hits all the right hygienic points for your specific business requirements can make life difficult. You may be able to easily source the right size table for your workstation, but is it the right material? Are there dirt traps which may increase clean down times and reduce productivity? How long will the product last under a strict chemical cleaning regime? 

Perfect for purpose

Part of our job here at Teknomek is to provide answers to these questions and make sure your business gets the right piece of kit for the right job. Our range of hygienically designed, made in the UK 304L and 316L stainless steel products are built to be easy to clean, give lifetime value and to be functional enough to suit your needs, no matter how flexible they need to be.

In addition to our Stainless Steel hygienic furniture that we manufacture in Norwich, Norfolk' we also pride ourselves on sourcing the very best hygienic equipment for every hygienic application, from Delfin industrial vacuums to stainless steel whisks. Every product is sourced, designed and manufactured with your business in mind and to make sure your productivity is the best it can be and your business remains audit-ready.

Teknomek manufacture a wide range of stainless steel furniture in a variety of sizes or options. Sometimes, however, our standard range of products just isn’t enough.


Occasionally we will need to provide something a little different. Take our tables, for example. In our standard range we provide sizing from 600mm right up to 1800mm, but what if you need it to be 1850mm? 

There’s good news in that you don’t need to go elsewhere. We can provide a customised service on all our stainless steel furniture, to make sure you get the same high quality Teknomek product, just at the size you need it. As the vast majority of our hygienic furniture and equipment is manufactured in-house, we have the luxury of being able to manufacture customised pieces to fit your environment perfectly. 


If your hygienic space needs something that our customised service just can’t cater for, then we can help you with a bespoke item or project. Our Teknomexperts will take your needs and requirements into account to produce bespoke designs that have sizing and features that perfectly match your needs. 

We can get right to the heart of your project needs and work directly with you to create furniture that is perfect for purpose, such as bespoke fish preparation stations for Reach Food Services, or a full cleanroom fit out for BioPure. 

Quality, Value and Service

Teknomek is unique in the industry as we have our full range of products available on our website and in our catalogue with full pricing included. The ease of purchase for our online product catalogue makes for an attractive proposition for any purchasing department to buy online with confidence. 

Our Teknomexperts are also on hand via Live chat, email or telephone to take your orders or if you need something a little more customised to perfectly fit your space. 

If you’re looking for a full fit out, a new project, or just need something that is a little bit special, then our technical sales engineers are on hand to come and see you to discuss your requirements and take you through the best standard, customised or bespoke options to perfectly meet your needs. 

You can contact us via email at, by telephone at +44 (0)1603 788 833 or use our website contact form to request a quotation. 

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For more information on this, or any of our other products or services, get in touch with our Teknomexperts today to discuss how we can help integrate Teknomek into your business - ensuring you remain audit-ready every day.

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